Traveler Without a Pause (Destination)

Some of the best things I’ve ever discovered as a traveler we’re not places I learned about by word of mouth, a travel website, or a travel book. It was by simply getting in my car and driving in any and all directions and once in a while when something piqued my interest getting out and taking a walk. Whatever direction my heart desired at the moment. A traveler without a pause (a destination – get it?).

I’ve found underground bunkers on Sullivan’s Island.

I’ve found UFO welcome centers in Bowman.

I’ve found tucked away little parks that almost appear to be completely untouched.

I’ve found ruins of old buildings in the woods of the Charleston Southern University campus.

I’ve reached down, grabbed a handful of dirt and sand from underneath my canoe and found colonial era pottery lying on the floor of the Edisto River.

I’ve found hidden untraveled waterfalls in the foothills of the upstate.

I have found 200+ year old stone bridges off of an average road tucked away in the mountains of the upstate.

I’ve found little towns that time has forgotten in the countryside of the low country.

And the list goes on.

That’s not to say that what I stumbled upon wasn’t an already known or popular destination. But simply the thrill of finding something I personally was not aware of made it more like a treasure hunt than an aimless drive.

This almost seems antithetical to the purpose of this blog, which is to provide colorful commentary on wonderful off the beaten path back road destinations in South Carolina.

But if I was honest, most times the greatest travel treasures are not going to be found on a blog or a website. They are going to be found by getting in your car, pointing the front of you car in a direction and driving with some expectation that you’re going to stumble on something exciting.

So here is my challenge – once in a while be a Traveler Without a Pause and see what turns up for you. I would love to hear about it!!!

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