Everyone dreams about traveling, but not everyone can afford to do it. Sometimes, though, the best adventures won’t cost you anything and may just be right around the corner from your house.

The Back Road Warrior (aka Brad Bates) loves to travel too, but like most people, he can’t really afford to take a month off and travel Europe, or explore some hidden island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Not to mention he has a wife, children, and pets that…well, complicate the adventuring process.

So what is a traveler to do when the budget is tight and the prospect of a glamorous vacation in a villa on the coast of Italy is more like the sun going over the horizon; unreachable?

They turn to their back yard, of course!

So, let us explore together the great state of South Carolina (and beyond) that boasts adventures from coast to mountains. And who knows, maybe we’ll find a new appreciation for where we live, work, and play!

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