Don’t Let Those Little White Road Signs Pass You By

You've probably seen them driving the back roads. Those little white signs on the side of the road with the writing so small that you can't make out anything but perhaps the text at the top before you speed on by. I know I have. And I used to just fly by them without even... Continue Reading →

Traveler Without a Pause (Destination)

Some of the best things I've ever discovered as a traveler we're not places I learned about by word of mouth, a travel website, or a travel book. It was by simply getting in my car and driving in any and all directions and once in a while when something piqued my interest getting out and taking a walk. Whatever direction my heart desired at the moment. A traveler without a pause (a destination - get it?).

Trippin’ Tunes

There are three things I like a lot in this world: traveling, food, and music! The best part about it is...these three things go together like peas and carrots, sausage and gravy, peanut butter and get the point. They were meant for each other!

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