Why the Back Roads?

(Image: Photo by Brad Bates – My Three Wee Warriors)

The state of South Carolina is divided into three sections. The Upstate (the foothills and mountains), the Piedmont (the hill country), and the Lowcountry (the coast and swamp lands). My family and I live in the Lowcountry (though, we are pretty close to the Piedmont), and my wife’s family lives in the Piedmont. When we pay them a visit I tend to take the back roads.

My wife usually gets frustrated with me because, in her words, the back roads “have no bathrooms”. I beg to differ though…plenty of fields, trees, and gas stations dotting the landscape offering numerous opportunities to take care of business.

But here’s the reality…I LOATHE taking the interstate. I loathe it for numerous reasons:

  1. It’s boring.
  2. It’s straight.
  3. Too much road work.
  4. Too many car accidents.
  5. Did I mention it’s boring?

In my mind, the interstate is one of the most sterile and frustrating routes to travel. Sure, you may get to your destination a LOT faster than the back roads, but all you have to look at are guard rails, pine trees, and the back of that semi you can’t get around because he apparently thinks the left lane is where he belongs.

Let’s be real…the interstate looks a lot like our life huh? Same daily routine, same frustrations, same scenery…blah, blah, blah.

BUT…with the back roads your trip is automatically transformed from a menial and boring task to a great big ADVENTURE!

There is usually more than one route to take to your destination. Each one brings with it new and exciting discoveries, small towns forgotten by the modern world, roadside oddities, glorious little food places you won’t find anywhere else, parks, fields, forests, rivers, lakes, ponds, and wildlife!

I mean…how else are you going to discover that UFO welcome center in Bowman SC if all you do is stick to the main roads? Google it, ya’ll…it’s a legit thing! (BTW, that will definitely be an article coming up real soon!)

I would love to hear about your back road adventures! Feel free to share below in the comments an adventure you or your family have enjoyed by taking the back roads.

Alright Back Road Warriors…let’s hit the road!

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