So Much Travel – So Little Money

My wife and I frequently talk about taking off to unbelievable destinations and escaping real life, if even for a week. We dream about hidden islands, bungalows by the sea, ancient city ruins, European destinations, Ireland (I mean…who doesn’t dream about Ireland?), the Far East, and on and on the dreams go.

But, there’s one problem…we are flat out broke!

Oh, and we have four kids, a dog, a cat, and a rabbit that…well…let’s be honest…they need to either go with us or we need to find a place that isn’t too far away so we can get back in a day or so.

Unfortunately for us, we usually opt for not going anywhere at all and just stay home.

This is all about to change though. Because here is what I’m finding…my state, South Carolina, is PACKED with awesome adventures and beautiful scenery, and none of them are more than a three hour ride away. Some are literally three miles from my house.

You just have to know where to look.

Starting today, the Back Road Warrior (that’s me) is going to explore the back roads of the great state of South Carolina for those unbelievably close and yet unbelievably AWESOME destinations (oh, did I mention cost effective?). Perhaps we might find, together, how one might escape the trials of life for a day and have an adventure either by yourself or with the whole family (sure…the dog might be able to come along as well!).

So what do you say back road warriors…up for a little adventure?

P.S. I’m open to destination ideas. So check out the Contact page and send me a note with any destination ideas YOU might have here in South Carolina! It just might get featured in the next Back Road Warrior article (and I might even give you a shout out too! Just kidding…I definitely will give you a shout out!!).

Let’s hit the road!

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  1. Can’t wait to see what places there are to explore. I have lived here over 20 years and have seen very little. I’ll be watching for your posts.


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