Don’t Let Those Little White Road Signs Pass You By

You’ve probably seen them driving the back roads. Those little white signs on the side of the road with the writing so small that you can’t make out anything but perhaps the text at the top before you speed on by.

I know I have. And I used to just fly by them without even giving them a second thought.

Sometimes the signs are white, but sometimes they are black or brown (see below).

Like I said, I used to fly by those little signs, until one day I decided to pull over and see what these silly little signs were all about that I kept seeing along the back roads. And here is what I discovered…these are historic markers (you probably already knew that…but maybe you didn’t), telling a story of a significant event that took place in the very spot (or near by the spot) that the sign now sits.

These signs are like little hidden treasures along the road ways, giving us a glimpse into history, even though the event or location may no longer exist, the memories are still there.

So now, instead of flying by without a care, this is what I enjoy doing now…I like to pull over…read the sign, and then begin to imagine the area and the event taking place with my minds eye. Sometimes there are buildings, grave stones, and other physical structures that remain that help to build the image in my mind, but these signs have actually become helpful in recapturing history for me.

I’m a history buff, and these things fascinate me.

Don’t let these little signs pass you by…or should I say…don’t let yourself pass these signs by. Pull over…take a moment…soak in the history. Someone took the time to put these signs out there, the least you could do is stop to read them.

Maybe you don’t have the time to stop and take it all in. Time to pull out the camera…snap a shot of the sign and the surrounding area, so you can revisit it later that day or week when you have more time.

But don’t just pass them by.

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